Bikers without Borders

Bikers Without Borders is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization (NPO)

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We personally volunteered in thirteen different countries during an seven month period athospitals, missions, medical clinics, orphanages, ect…

We have educated college-age volunteers on quality organizations.

The formation of this organization (BWOB) came about because of the lack of information available for college-aged people concerning volunteering in Central and South America. This has hindered many who may have been willing to spend a part of their vacation or school break volunteering their time and money. Many NPO’s are in daily need of volunteers regardless of the volunteer’s background but are unable to find adequate help because of the lack of “marketing” towards the general public. That’s where BWOB comes in. In order to address this need we feel it is necessary to volunteer our time at various NPO’s. We have chosen America as our first destination of travel and will focus on NPO’s in Central and South America.